The Critical Deathrun

Class 5

Environemnt: Highly Unstable
Geometry: Linear
Danger: Lethal


The first ever photo of Level !.


The Critical Deathrun, otherwise known as Level ! is a enigmatic level, which resembles a hotel with red walls and red shiny fluorescent lights everywhere.
Level ! also has areas which look like modern hospitals covering every surface with a bright crimson red everyehere. The Level has obstacles trying to block your way from leaving Level !

The first time a Wanderer enters Level !, they will see a normal white hallway that looks like a modern hospital. After the end of the hallway, they will see a door with a exclamation mark. As someone has gone through the door, the door they entered will disappear and eveyrthing will turn into a crimson red. While thats happening, loud sounds, resembling air raid sirens will blast in Level !.
Theres a maximum of 1 hours to escape the Level, and the exit is hard to find. Level ! contains rooms, hallways, corridoors, stairwells, elevators and basements. The level is very explorable. Due to the constant sirens and the immense crimson glow, a Wanderer can get very insane. While running, Wanderers can find Almond Water and Energy Bars in Level !


A staircase in Level !.

If a Wanderer reaches the deadline of 1 hours and does not escape, They will be physically and mentally tortured by Level ! itself. Intentional no-clipping will happen around you and your body will warp futher beyond reality.

Level ! is presumed to only be about 25 km2 big. Although Level ! is extremely small relative to other levels, finding the exit is still ridiculously rare.


Level ! was known back in the day, after a Wanderer said that they were going through a elevator on Level 5. Apparently the elevator was faulty and fell down to The Critical Deathrun. The first photo in this page is the first ever picture of Level !.

After this incident, everyone thought that it's fake, but the following years after the first sighting, more Wanderers unexpectedly got there, and most of them died, due to lack of time.
Missing person after missing person, Wanderers have discovered a consistent exit to Level !.
Note that once you exit, you can never enter again!

Entrances and Exits


  • One can enter the level by noclippig unexpectedly in any level
  • No-clipping in Level 92 has a low chance of taking you here.
  • Faulty elevators can also lead to Level !, but it's really rare


The Exit depends on how fast you escape.
Escaping Level ! in…

Other exits include:

  • No-clipping anywhere will take you to The End
  • Breaking something intentionally will take you to Level 124.
  • Finding a green door will take you to Level 797, but it has never been confirmed.
  • Not escaping will take you to The Grave.
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