Level 9 - The Suburbs

Class 5

Environemnt: Unstable
Geometry: Linear
Danger: Lethal


The empty roads of Level 9.


A suburban house in Level 9.

Level 9 is the 10th level of the Backrooms.


Level 9 resembles a expansive suburban area. The level is filled with houses and it's always midnight. Houses in Level 9 are randomly furnished. Some may be empty and other houses may be filled with furniture. No cars have been spotted so far. Roads mostly have big puddles of water. The house designs are unqiue for every single house, but they all resemble a american suburban house. The only light source are streetlights and lights in the houses. Some areas of Level 9 consists of small forest and playground parks, gas stations and abandoned schools covered in grafitti. It's unknown how wanderers found spray paint. The houses have a anomalous effect. Some houses are upside-down, others are no-clipped into eachother and doors could be on the floor or walls.


Entities on Level 9 can range from Smilers, Skin-Stealers, The Mangled and The Neighborhood Watch.

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