Level 7 - Thalassophobia

Class 4

Environemnt: Unstable
Geometry: Linear
Danger: Highly Dangerous


The entrance room.

Level 7 is the 8th level of the Backrooms



Another room of Level 7.

Level resembles a infinite house that partially filled with water. the walls are white concrete and the floor is made out of wood. some rooms. Most rooms are completely furnished with random decoration everywhere and some other rooms are partially empty. The water is super cold, around -58.6°C. Staying in the water long enough will give you hypothermia quickly. Windows will show the outside of a ocean, although wanderers think its a render of a ocean. Reasons are that they appear flat, when looked at. Other windows seems to show a bright white void. The house has 3 floors and rumors were made about an attic existing, but no proof or evidence has been used.


The only entities existing are Windows and The Thing On Level 7. It seems that The Thing On Level 7 has killed every other sentient entity in here, as wanderes found corpses of Hounds and Skin-Stealers. If you hear any loud rumbling noise, stay quiet and try to go to another level as fast as possible.

Entrances and Exits


  • Finding stairs going down in Level 6 will take you to here.
  • Some levels have out-of-place rooms, entering the rooms will take you here
  • Puddles in Level 8 can take you here.
  • A trapdoor on Level 17 will take you here.


  • A hole on the floor will take you to Level 8.
  • No-clipping through the wall will take you to Level 17.
  • Rarely, no-clipping through the ceiling will take you to The Poolrooms or even rarer, to The Dark Poolrooms
  • Going through the windows that shows an ocean will take you to Level 43
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