Level 65 - RANDOMIZED Liminality!

Level 65 - Orange Field Frenzy


Class habitable

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A photo of Level 65's field

Level 65 seems to be a infinite field of roses and flowers, that are specifcally the color orange. This field has many hills and some areas have trees and bushes. The trees have been analyzed to be made out of Eucalyptus wood.
Every surface of this field is covered with all sorts of orange flowers. These flowers give off a calming and sensational aroma, unlike any flower in The Frontrooms. It's knwon that these flowers are edible and nutritious, but dont give off any effects to the Wanderer, like Almond Water.
A M.E.G. Research Team tried to study the roots and general biology of these flowers, but it was unsucssesful, due to how different they are. Which got some people speculating that these orange flowers are not related to ours.
The temperature is constant , being about 24.3 C° everywhere. the temperature will not increase or decrase no matter what.
the daylight cycle in Level 65 is always at a constant daytime, specifically around 11 AM in the spring season. Althogh being daytime constantly, It's been observed that The Star has a anomalous effect . It seems to be moving randomly anywhere. It may be going up and down, left or right. Level 65 seems to be completely devoid of life, except for the plants and trees. Due to the level's habitability, Wanderers created a lot of Bases, Communities and Outposts in Level 65

Bases, Communitites and Outposts

M.E.G. Base Xi:

  • has 34 inhabitants
  • * small supply hub for Wanderers
  • * is open for trading

B.N.T.G. Rehab Repository

  • has 25 inhabitants
  • helps Wanderers who have PTSD
  • is not open for trading

Entrances and Exits


  • Finding a orange flower patch on Level 10 or on Level 184 will take you to Level 65.


There are no known exits yet

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