Level 6 - Lights Out

Class 5

Environemnt: Stable
Geometry: Linear
Danger: Lethal


A comprehensive map of Level 6

Level 6 is the 7th level of the Backrooms.


Level 6 resembles a infinite labyrinth made out of a black concrete-like material. Very little is known about the level's structure and Level 6 overall, due to being shrouded in permanent and total darkness at all times. No light is able to pass through the level 6. In addition of Level 6 being completely 100% dark, it's also completely soundproof. The only noise you're able to hear is your footsteps. Level 6 is considered one of the most dangerous levels in The Main Nine, aside from Level 8. Traversing in the level is basically impossible, due to being 100% dark and soundproof. Many wanderers get a lot of psychological and mental delirium. Hallucinations are pretty common to spot in Level 6, due to the immense darkness.

Entrances and Exits


  • Finding a staircase going down in Level 4 will take you here.
  • Travelling deep into The Boiler Rooms of Level 5 can take you here.
  • There's a low chance that no-clipping in a very dark room in any level can take you here.


  • Some wanderers have found a stairwell going up to Level 5.
  • Accidentally tripping on a wire will no-clip you to Level 6.1.
  • Finding a staricase going down will take you to Level 7.
  • Turning to a corner may seemingly and unexpectedly take you to Level 108.
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