Level 5 - Terror Hotel

Class 2

Environemnt: Stable
Geometry: Linear
Danger: Relatively Safe


The Main Hall of Level 5.

Level 5 is the 6th level in the Backrooms.


Level 5 resembles a infinite hotel with many hallways and rooms. The hotel's architecture seems to date back to the 1930's with furniture dating back to the 1920's.
Level 5 has 3 Main areas.

The Main Hall

The Main Hall is the first main area of Level 5. It's comprised of a bunch of hallways, corridors and intersections. These hallways have a lot of rooms, although most of them being locked. Every room thats unlocked seems to be furnished completely with decoration. Most of the unlocked rooms have been
already occupied and finding a empty room might get a bit challenging. One may find a library in some of the rooms. Paintings and candle holders can be found on the walls. These hallways have been seen to follow a square grid pattern. Intersections in these hallways always has a table with a flower pot.
Many wanderers my find elevators and elevator shafts arounds that lead to more floors of Level 5.

The Beverly Room


The Beverly Room of Level 5.

The Beverly Room, or also known as The Eternal Ballroom, is the second main area of Level 5. These rooms can be accesed by a corridor with a orange door. The room is massive and it only contains a table with chairs and a chandelier hanging over it. The floor is completely out of red carpet. The table only contains a couple of drinks and some notes. Wanderers reported that the walls, floors and even the ceilings have random doors on them. Doors, specifically on the walls, will lead you back to The Main Hall.

The Boiler Room


The Boiler Room of Level 5.

The Boiler Room is the third main area of Level 5. It contains a lot of rooms that's comprised of a lot of old boilers. Most of these boilers are damaged, or completely destroyed, making these boilers unsalvagable. There is wiring everywhere, going in random directions. One can find a door leading to hallways made out of a green floor with pipes, wires and machines all over the walls. The ambience can be comapred of a average boiler roaring through the area. The temperature can get pretty hot to the point where it becomes unbearable.


Entites that inhabit the level are Hounds, Skin-Stealers, Deathrats, Deathmoths and Woodlins. Hounds, Deathmoths and Skin-Stealers are spawning normally, while Deathrats spawn in libraries and Woodlins spawn underneath the tables at the intersections.

Entrances and Exits


  • A elevator on Level 3 can take you here.
  • Finding a staircase in Level 4 and going up will take you here.
  • Enteting a barn on Level 10 can take you here.
  • A door on Level 19 can take you here.
  • Doors on Level 54 can also lead you here.


  • Going back down the stairs will take you to Level 4 again.
  • Going back on the elevator will take you to Level 3.
  • Travelling deep into The Boiler Room can take you to Level 6.
  • A dark wooden door will take you to Level 9.
  • Opening a door to a scenery of a forest will take you to Level 63.
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