Level 4 - Abandoned Office

Class 0

Environemnt: Stable
Geometry: Linear
Danger: Safe


A photo of The Windows of Level 4.

Level 4 is the 5th Level in The Backrooms.


Level 4 resembles a office, thats devoid of any furniture. The walls are white and it has a grey carpet. The Level has multple doors and windows. The Windows on Level 4 usually show a white void behind it, but some windows can be black out.
Windows that are blacked out, are considered traps and should be avoided at all cost. The enviornment is really safe and it's considered to be a hot spot for gathering supplies for deeper excursions into other levels. The floor has almost no lights, due to the windows, emiting enough light, to the point where Level 4 is pretty bright.
Level 4 is the level with the most Almond Water in The Main Nine. existing in vending machines, water coolers and even fountains. So it's heavily advised to stock up on Almond Water and other supplies to travel beyond.
Level 4 can contain some rooms called The Chair Room and The Auditorium. They're sparsely placed everywhere in Level 4. Most people stay in these rooms to relax.


On Level 4, Dullers and Hounds are the most common to spot. Although rare, wanderers have seen some Smilers, but it's not confirmed. It's been proven that taking the elevator from Level 3 to Level 4, will always spawn one Duller in the room where the elevator exists.

Entrances and Exits


  • Finding a door that looks like the doors on Level 4 on any other Class 0 level, can take you here.
  • Riding a elevator on Level 3, has a chance to take you here
  • A door on Level 2 can take you here
  • Stairs that go down in Level 5 will teleport you here


  • Finding an old staircase going up can take you to Level 5
  • Finding stairs that take you to a black void labeled EXIT will take you to Level 6
  • No-clipping into a vending machine can take you to Level 6.1
  • Stairs going down to a basement leads you to Level 71
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