Level 3999 - The True Ending?

Level 3999 Discovery Log

Plerith: Hello?, Anyone there?

Larry: Yea, What is it?

Plerith: So I was at The End, and… I decided to look at the computer on the main desk. So i found a file that says TRUEEND.exe and from what I heard, you're able to go to Level 3999 after opening the file?

Larry: Really? awesome, finally we can prove the myths to be true, Finally we could hopefully have the entrance to the Frontrooms!

Plerith: Alright I'm gonna open it, Be ready

Larry: Ok!

Noise abruptly goes off

Plerith: Alright I made it in Level 3999! Now.. It's time to…? What the fuck?¨

Larry: What?!, does it look like an arcade?

Plerith: NO! No, not at all. What is this!

Larry: Send me a pic real quick

Plerith: I can't right now! . . This is bad! . .

Larry: report M.E.G

Plerith: Have we been lied to all this time? IS THERE NO ENTRANCE TO HOME IN THE BACKROOMS?

Larry: Calm down Plerith, it will be ok

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Plerith leaves the call

Larry: Plerith, Plerith!

End Log

To this day, we still dont know where Plerith's corpse is

Class 5

Environemnt: Unstable
Geometry: Undetermined


Level 3999 is a unknown enigmatic level, resembling a abandoned and ruined arcade hub. Level 3999 was the level that Wanderers thought for a long time to be the True Ending and the entrance to The Frontrooms.
Level 3999, according to the myths, was a infintie arcade with neon lights everywhere. Level 3999 considered to be pretty safe and had a bunch of games for example Minecraft, Terraria, Call of Duty and even Polybius.
No entities, except Facelings were thought to exist in Level 3999. The Level had stairs and hallways that twist around to more rooms with food and Almond Water everywhere. This was believed to be a Wanderer's Dream, due to the supposed entrance to The Frontrooms.

The primary exit to The Frontrooms went like this:
Find a specific paper with tasks
Go to the tasks listed on the paper
Go through the glass doors once you completed all the tasks to be sent home!


Level 3999.

Level 3999 seems forgotten. Neon lights don't work anymore, the floor is filled with trash and no arcade machine works, as pretty much every main entity infest the levels post-mythlogical state.
We're no even sure if the Level exists, as the Log was a archive sent 2 years ago.
The environment is really unstable and it has reality-warping geometry.
Level 3999 seems to be infested with every single main entity possible. It's also the level with the most entities per km2.The walls on every floor on Level 3999 are very broken and may collapse, making Level 3999 unexplorable if it ever happens.

Entrances and Exits


  • Running TRUEEND.exe on The End will supposedly takes you to Level 3999


  • Note by Plerith:

As I ventured the horrible and ruined level, I saw the original place. I decided to go through the glass doors. A lethal mistake I did, as I entered the doors. It led me to something WAY WORSE to a Reality!

  • The Note from Plerith suggests that every exit in Level 3999 possible leads to this cool and epic Reality!
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