Level 399 - The Neon Paradise

Class 0

Environemnt: Stable
Geometry: Linear
Danger: Safe

Level 399 is the 400th Level of the Backrooms.


Level 399 is the safest haven all around the Backrooms. It contains 3 different areas. Getting to Level 399 has been proven difficult, as only a couple of people got here.

The Rosatin Hotel's Lobby.

Rosatin Hotel

The Rosatin Hotel is the first area of The Neon Paradise
It resembles a hotel in The Frontrooms, with pink walls and soothing rooms that gets your comfort levels high.
The Rosatin Hotel has 2 areas, The Pink Expanse and The Plane of Clouds. The Pink Expanse is the iconic area that resembles the myth-busted Promised Land and wanderers spawn in the main lobby. This is the area where wanderers always spawn in Level 399, thus being the most populated. The hotel has about 2000 rooms per floor and theres 100 floors in The Rosatin Hotel (which in total it's about 200'000 rooms). In every one of these rooms, There's a lot of food and water. This area has a comfortable temperature of 22 C°.
The Rosatin Hotel has multiple arcade rooms and night club areas. The games in every arcade machine works. The moght clubs all have functioning disco lights and ball, all of them having Wanderers dancing and having fun in The Rosatin Hotel.
Most of the hotel rooms are the same, but some rooms have exceptions:

The area has multiple hallways with stairs and elevators that always works at the corners. These hallways also have doors that are labeled "EXIT", but serve no purpose.
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