Level 3 - Electrical Station

Class 3

Environemnt: Unstable
Geometry: Linear
Danger: Highly Dangerous


A hallway in Level 3
(brightened for viewing purposes).

Level 3 is the 4th Level of The Backrooms.


Level 3 is a series of long, dark and twisting hallways. They have walls made out of bricks, a floor made out of dusty concrete tiles and a ceiling made completely out of metal. Similar to Level 0, Level 3's layout is always random and has no identical rooms. Unlike Level 0, The geometry of Level 3 is linear, which only some levels have. The level posseses very loud machinery noises that comes from nowhere.
Level 3 is estimated to have a surface area of 954 Mio. km2, being one of the larger levels in The Backrooms.

Level 3 has bars made out of iron in some select areas. Wanderers reported that staying near these iron bars, caused them to get paranoia, thinking that they saw an entity behind these bars. These iron bars have been deemed impossible to break and for now, it retains a everlasting mystery on what could be lurking on the other side.
Some areas of Level 3 have doors that lead to rooms with generators that seem to run on power in some specific way. While most of the generators are broken or completely destroyed, some of them are salvagable and as a result, can be fixed back as a working generator, powering up more fluorescent lights and other electrical machines on Level 3.
Level 3 share some similarities with Level 2 aswell, having pipes on the wall. The pipes in Level 3 are less common than the pipes in Level 2.
Viscous black liquid can be found in the pipes. Some areas can have fluorescent lights. It's rare to spot since the only light source in Level 3 is dimly-lit lanterns on the walls and a wanderer's flashlight.

Level 3 is rich in resources and it can contain Almond Water, Firesalt, Royal Rations and even Liquid Pain. The level has very good Wi-Fi aswell and it's a good place for important and urgent communications.


Entities in Level 3 are Smilers, Hounds, Skin-Stealers, Dullers, Bursters, Deathrats and Deathmoths (Male and Female). Thus it's highly unadvised to venture in Level 3 alone without proper training in Level 1.

Entrances and Exits


  • Unlocked doors on Level 2 can take you to Level 3.
  • Elevators on Level 4 and Level 5 can take you to Level 3.
  • Bunkers on Level 10 can take you to Level 3.
  • Some buildings in Level 11, that look very similar can take you here.


  • Wooden doors can take you to Level 31.
  • Some Elevators can take you to Level 4 or Level 5.
  • Finding a car in a octagonal room and entering the car will take you to Level 69 after 7 seconds.
  • Rarely, noclipping in futuristic looking rooms will take you to Level 15.
  • A trapdoor can take you to Level 95.
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