Level 2 - Pipe Dreams

Class 2

Environemnt: Unstable
Geometry: Non-Linear
Danger: Dangerous


A photo of a long hallway in Level 2.

Level 2 is the 3rd Level in The Backrooms.


Level 2 resembles a massive series of thin hallways lined with pipes on the walls. The level is made out concrete and pipes are extremely abundant. The level is very dark and claustrophobic, so it can be dangerous for claustrophobes and nyctophobes. The pipes contain a mysterious black and viscous liquid (It turns out that it's an entity). This entity, called Vescosis, is very dangerous and can attack you aggressively, if anyone touches it.

The pipes on Level 2 vary in size to the point where it's almost impossible to go thorugh some hallways. Temperatures can go from 26°C to 58°C in significant areas.
Level 2 also has very disorganized fluorescent lights on the ceiling and walls. Some doors can be commonly found on Level 2.


A thin hallway with big pipes in Level 2.

Due to the wiring and piping of Level 2, the level's electricity can be disrupted and short circuit can happen. These short circuits only last for 10 minutes, although being highly dangerous, because a lot of entities can spawn.
Level 2 is presumed to have the length of 500 Mio. km2 and multiple wanderes rumored that, at the end of the hallways, there's a door that leads to another level. Multiple wanderers said that this expedition is unnecessary and highly dangerous to do. Thus it has never been proven, if there's an exit at all.


While common entities roam around Level 2 for instance Smiler, Hounds and Bursters, a level-excluxive entitiy lives in some pipes of Level 2, called Vescosis. Unlike Level 1, they spawn more frequently in the level, due to the short circuits events and the overall darkness of Level 2.


  • Going through a long hallway with pipes in Level 1 will take you to Level 2.
  • Some openings on Level 96 can take you here.
  • Elevators on Level 3 can rarely take you here.


  • Doors sometimes can lead you to Level 3, Level 4 or Level 283.
  • Going to far in the ventilation ducts can take you to Level 96.
  • No-clipping in a very hot area will take you to Level 2.1.
  • Entering stairs going down will take you to Level -2.
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