Level 1 - Lurking Danger

Class 0

Environemnt: Stable
Geometry: Linear
Danger: Safe

Level 1 is the 2nd Level of The Backrooms


The Hallways

Level 1 resembles a massive warehouse with walls made out of white concrete bricks. The floor is made out of stone and the ceiling has flourescent lights that are consistently placed everywhere.


A photo of The Hallways in Level 1.

Level 1 has a bunch of storage rooms, but all of them are locked, and breaking through them has been deemed impossible. There are supply crates that are located everywhere in Level 1. These supply crates contain weapons, food and drinks, mainly Almond Water. Note that these supply crates can randomly appear and disappear. The Hallways are about 750 Mio. km2. Level 1 contains frequent blackouts, where all the lights will turn off. This is the most dangerous part of Level 1, as Smilers and Hounds can spawn. The blackouts can last from 10 minutes to 3 months. The Level features some windows, mirrors and stairs. The Hallways have at least 30 floors with a random layout. Some paintings can be seen on the walls, although being relatively rare. Doors ane elevators are present everywhere around Level 1. Some of them lead to dead ends, while other lead to more random hallways of Level 1. Level 1 has another area called The Garage.

The Garage


The Garage of Level 1.

The Garage is a area of Level 1. It resembles a expansive car park. The Garage has been confirmed to have 25 floors, all of them having pipes, puddles of water, a grey misty fog and being devoid of any cars. there are some rooms in select areas of The Garage with some shelves, that has supplies. Entities spawn more frequently in The Garage. It's been reported that there are three times more supply crates than in The Hallways. The loot in the supply crates of The Garage may contain some forms of weaponry to protect you from cretain entities. The Garage has lights that constantly flicker. It's unknown where the power source comes from.


The only documented Entities are Hounds, Smilers and Wretches, although they are very rare to find.
It should be noted to fight the Entities, in order to practice being safe while traversing more unsafe Levels like Level 8 or Level 9.

Entrances and Exits


  • No-clipping through a wall on Level 0 will take you to Level 1.
  • Some doors on Level -1 can take you to Level 1.
  • Entering Some Warehouses on Level 11 can take you to Level 1.
  • Being in a clean room on Level 22 can seemingly take you to Level 1.


  • Finding a long hallway with pipes on the wall, will seemingly take you to Level 2.
  • Going through a window will take you to Level -1.
  • Finding a ladder going up will take you to Level Fun. =)
  • Entering a Crawlspace will take you to Level 19.
  • No-clipping into a broken floor will take you to Level 22.
  • Taking a specific path will take you to The Hub.
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