Anomaly 7

Class Undetermined

Environemnt: Highly Unstable
Geometry: Undetermined
Danger: Undetermined


Trust the path:).

Hello wanderer, have you managed to find my "exit"? That's good! I hope you will have a good time while walking this. Have you ever felt true faith? We know that you have been mentally unstable. But we don't car, you will feel so much better. Well you're going to experience it, by going through that door :)


Anomaly 7 resembles a flooded house. The main difference is that the walls are a different design.
Not much known is about the level, due to the fact that it's very anomalous and mysterious. The Water is quite warm, compared to the water on Level 7. The level has been said to be finite.
I have found some logs in Level 7.

Start Log

Wanderer A - Uh, Hello? Anyone there?

Wanderer B - Yea, what is it?

Wanderer A - So uh I was walking in Level 94 you know, the big field with houses.

Wanderer B - Yea, what about it.

Wanderer A - I found this room that looks like Level 7.

Wanderer B - Ok, and?

Wanderer A - It's really weird, considering that the water is very fucking cold and the wall is supposed to be white, but it's very lukewarm and the wallpaper is different.

Wanderer B - Strange. Could it be a sub-level prehaps?

Wanderer A - I don't know, The environment is actually pretty unstable, I have to get going now!

Wanderer B - Ok….

After some time

Wanderer A - Yo! I found a door, I can finally escape!

Wanderer B - Nice! Go on, through the door.

Wanderer A - I'm going right no-

Wanderer A lost connection

Wanderer B - Hello?, Hello!

Wanderer B - Where are you?

End Log

Entrances and Exits


  • Find a random room that looks like Level 7 in a random level.


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